What Is A Tablet PC
A tablet pc (also known as a tablet) is a computer which is specifically built to be lightweight, maneuverable and small. They are often referred to as 'mobile computers' because they have the same hardware specifications as high-end mobile phones and typically boast the same features, applications and software. They are naturally bigger than a mobile phone, but small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hands. They are controlled with the use of a stylus pen or onscreen virtual keyword.

Tablet computers often don't come with a keyboard or mouse, but these can be connected externally via the USB ports. You can also connect wireless to the device if it's a newer model and supports wireless capability. Some tablets do have integrated keyboards, and these are usually attached to the tablet, but hidden away in a slide or swivel joint. The benefit of these models is huge - because it gives you the feeling and ease-of-use of a normal computer system, but allows you to hide it away when it isn't needed. Some keyboards are also detachable, so you can completely remove them from sight until they are needed. Furthermore, some advanced tablets feature a dual-screen mode where one screen will display the touchscreen keyboard, and the other will display the media.

Although tablets are relatively new on the market, they have actually been around for many years. In 1968, Alan Kay described the initial concept of a tablet - although it was never produced or considered. The first manufacturer that attempted to market computer tablets was Microsoft. Back in the year 2000, they launched the Microsoft Tablet PC which they specifically targeted the hospital and outdoor market. The tablet was specifically marketed for the business sector, but nobody decided to launch a similar product into the public market until 2010, when Apple launched their competing and world famous iPad technology.

Current technology allows tablet computers to be extremely powerful and efficient in what they do. Often boasting quad-core CPU's, they pack enough punch to power through any sort of software or applications you could think of. As two years have passed since Apple's initial tablet launch, manufacturers such as Samsung and Asus have developed their own models and aim to compete with each other in the market sector. Due to the massive competition now emerging, Tablet computers are always benefiting from new features, higher specifications and cheaper price tags.

Ultimately, the tablet is a handheld mobile computer device that allows you to run the same software, programs and applications that you would on your PC. You can watch movies, stream videos and even edit movies on the move.